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Do you have a leaking pool or suspect that there might be water loss but not sure how to check? You will need a trustworthy pool technician to check it out! Get in touch with Pukka Pools for a quality swimming pool leak detection service in Auckland.



Pool leaks, while they often go unnoticed, can result in excess chemicals, significant ground damage, and big water bills. To save you time and money, our swimming pool leak detection process is a tried and tested method that will determine where your swimming pool leaks are.

We will check and test all your pool components from inside the pool, shell to your chlorinator, pool pump, and your entire filter system area. There is no need for you to drain your pool for our services to help you – we have specialist diving equipment that we can use to start searching for your leak.

If you notice damage to your ground, rising water bills or having to top up your pool more regular, a simple bucket test is the first step a home owner can take to determine whether you might have a pool leak on your pressure side.


Our team at Pukka Pools know the ins and outs of how spas and swimming pools work. If you are a pool owner and suspect a leak in your pool, calling our team as soon as you can is the best way to prevent further damage.

Every pool will leak in its lifetime, and every leak over time will get worse. This can become a very expensive exercise to repair if left untreated for too long. If you suspect the slightest water loss don’t leave it too late to call the help of certified pool technicians to undergo your leak detection. Stop your swimming pool leaks in their tracks with the help of Pukka Pools.



This test can answer the question: are you losing water from evaporation, or is your pool leaking from a pressurised side of the pool system?

  1. When your pool is filled to its usual level, fill a large bucket (we recommend 20 litres plus) with pool water with a couple of inches to spare at the top. Check whether your pool has an auto-refill device, and turn it off and keep all pets away from drinking from the bucket.
  2. Immerse your bucket in the pool about 15 cm deep – the first or second step is usually enough.
  3. Measure what the water level is inside and outside the bucket, and use duct tape to mark the point.
  4. Leave the bucket there for a few days and measure the inside and outside water levels again. If the outside water level has dropped more than the inside water level, then your pool is probably leaking, and it is time to bring in the professionals here at Pukka Pools.

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