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Are you looking to buy a pool sand/glass media filter or a pool cartridge filter or even upgrade? Pukka Pools specialises in Climate Care Certified pool products so you can get the best out of your pool. Check out our range today!

Whether you already have a filtration system in your pool or are just getting your pool system set up, our team can help you work out the best products for your swimming pool. Filters are an essential piece of your setup to keep your pool clean by removing contaminants, and other unwanted particles out of your pool water.

Here at Pukka Pools, we are experts in everything to do with swimming pools and spa pools. Our helpful, expert team can prolong the life of your pool by keeping it clean and recommending the best products, including salt water chlorinators, pool covers, pumps and filters for your pool and spa.

Get in touch with us today to get the best pool filter system!


Cartridge filters have a smaller footprint and can usually catch particles up to 5 microns, with the cartridges lasting between 1-2 years depending how well the pool is maintained, using less water to clean the filter and tend to be a good choice for rural properies.

It is essential to monitor your filter’s health, as poor maintenance can lead to clogged filters, increased pressure, poor circulation and poor sanitising, which can increase the risk of water borne infections such as Crypto, E. Coli, and Giardia.

Maintenance is easy – all you have to do is remove the pool filter cartridge from the housing system and give it a wash spraying with your hose pipe, checking the pleats each time you clean, attachments are available enquire with Pukka Pools for more info.


A sand filter is the more common filtration system you can use for your pool, whether it is in or above ground.

Pool filter glass from Pukka Pools is specially designed, that a negative charge is applied during the manufacturing process attracting organic molecules improving the clarity of your pool water over sand.

It operates by replacing dirty water with clean water – removing any dirt and debris running through your filter, .then, the clean water flows back into your pool.

Sand/Media filters have a backwash and rinse cycle usually using more water to clean the filter than cartridge filters but can catch particles up to 3 microns, depending on the media used, if well maintained you will have a life expectancy of 5 – 10years of your media.


Choosing the best filter for your pool will depend on what kind of pool you have, the layout of your backyard and your home septic system. The best way to ensure you get a good filter set up is by getting in touch with our team here at Pukka Pools. Talk to us about Climate Care Certified Products for your Residential or Commercial set up.

Your search for a trustworthy pool technician in Auckland, New Zealand is over. With our passion and commitment to delivering the best quality services to our clients, there is little wonder that our average customer ratings show consistent five-star reviews.

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