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Are you looking for new spa or swimming pool covers? We can help you out by providing you with the perfect energy-saving Solar Blanket, Thermal Blanket or Automatic Slat Cover for your swimming pool. Contact Pukka Pools now for a free quote.



Pool covers are essential if you want to keep your spa or pool warm and up to temperature. They help reduce water evaporation, the loss of chemicals, and reduce your heating bills in your pool.

There are many options available for pool owners to cover pools.


Also known as a Solar bubble cover – named for its bubble-wrap-like surface – a solar pool cover is the most cost-effective option. This kind of pool cover transfers the sun’s heat into the pool water, thereby heating the pool naturally while preventing dirt and debris from getting into the pool filter, as well as evaporation.

How much sunlight you get and your general air temperature play a huge part in your pool heat with this type of cover. If your pool gets a lot of sunlight, you might not need anything fancier than a bubble cover, however, they do require manual winding and unwinding.


If reducing heat loss in your pool is important to you, a thermal blanket is the best cover you could choose. Floating on the pool surface, the closed-cell foam core traps heat inside the pool. The insulating layer does not transfer any heat from the sun, but rather this swimming pool cover prevents warmth from escaping the heated pool.

It is a manual pool cover that is very good value for money.


Here at Pukka Pools, we offer different options for automatic swimming pool covers. Most automatic pool covers can fit to existing pools or they can be installed with your new swimming pool – so you can start pool ownership in style. Automatic covers make it easy to cover and uncover your pool usually just from the turn of a key.

Some automatic covers float on water, while others run along tracks. You can also choose between different types of material and slats, we create the automatic pool cover formulated specifically to your needs.

Despite being the most expensive option, often automatic pool covers provide extra safety measures. That makes them an appealing choice for families and pet owners, providing peace of mind and an extra safety measure alongside compliance with pool fencing requirements.


Perfect for the colder months when you don’t use your pool, the debris pool cover overlaps the entire pool and is secured tightly with tension straps. This prevents any debris from getting into your pool and building up when you are not using it, saving you what could be a big clean up job at the start of summer. Debris pool covers can last a decade if you look after them properly, and they are especially good for homes that have lots of trees and gardens.


With a quality spa pool cover, you can keep your spa warm and reduce how much power your spa uses. We can provide a UV-resistant, high-strength spa pool cover for you that minimises heat loss and is fully compliant with NZ safety standards.


Choosing the right cover for your pool is crucial for maintaining its temperature, cleanliness, and overall health. The type of cover you need depends on your pool’s specific requirements, the surrounding environment, and your personal preferences. Our team at Pukka Pools is here to guide you through the options and ensure you select the best cover for your needs. Talk to us about the benefits of each type and how they can enhance your pool experience, whether it’s for a residential or commercial setup.

Your search for a reliable pool cover provider in Auckland, New Zealand ends here. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in our consistent five-star reviews.

To discuss the best pool cover options for your needs, call us now on 021 030 4784 or reach out via our contact form.

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